Munich Quantum Technologies – (4/4/19 @ IBM Watson IoT Center)

We can look back on a successful kickoff event for the Munich Quantum Technologies Meetup. We had four invited speakers from Industry, Academia and Startups who made the world of Quantum accessible to the audience, which resulted in lots of questions for the speakers. The event was hosted in the Watson IoT Center Munich. Pizza and drinks during the break were also kindly provided by IBM. The break was filled with lively conversations, as was the open end. Around 70 people attended.

Our first speakers was Ivana Kurecic (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics). She presented “Quantum Error Correction Using Topological Quantum Codes”.

Ivana Kurecic – Quantum Error Correction using Topological Quantum Codes from Tom Hubregtsen

Next up was 20:30 – 21:00: Murad Muradi (BMW) with his talk titled
“Quantum Annealing based Optimization of Robotic Movement in Manufacturing”.

Murad Muradi – Quantum Annealing based Optimization of Robotic Movement in Manufacturing from Tom Hubregtsen

During the break, lively discussion made it hard to get the next presentation round started 🙂

Aritra Sarkar (QuantumForce / Delft University of Technology) started of the second round of presentations talking about “Search and Optimisation Algorithms for Genomics on Quantum Accelerators”.

Aritra Sarkar – Search and Optimisation Algorithms for Genomics on Quantum Accelerators from Tom Hubregtsen

The final presentation of the evening was given by Sebastian Feld, Christoph Roch and Thomas Gabor (QAR-Lab / LMU Munich) and was titled
“QAR-Lab Site Report: Activities at the Quantum Applications and Research Laboratory in Munich”

The slides still need to be approved for public viewing.

I would like to thank David Mesterhazy for his great efforts co-hosting this event, as well as IBM for providing the location, food and drinks. I would also like to thank the speakers – they did an amazing job at making such a difficult topic accessible. This could clearly be seen by the amount of on-point questions from the audience.

And the feedback from the participants.

If you would like to present, host or sponsor food/drinks, you can reach me at Future events will again be promoted at

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